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>>>> [apologies to the whole flaming crowd for sending this to the whole
>>>> flaming crowd...]
>>>> Geoffrey Summerhayes wrote:
>>>>> After you kill Navarth, will it be nothing but gruff and deedle
>>>>> with a little wobbly to fill in the chinks?
>>>> Where does that come from ?  It sounds like a quote, and Navarth is
>>>> a Jack Vance name (and /what/ a character), but I don't remember the
>>>> rest of it occurring in Vance.
>>> Navarth is very present in "the palace of dreams" (Demon princes
>>> series)
>> Nitpick: _The Palace of Love_
> Aargh! The only excuse I can give for that huge mistake is that I am
> currently reading "In the net of dreams" :-(

You have another excuse in the last Demon Princes title: _The Book of 

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