python vs perl lines of code

Charles DeRykus ced at
Wed May 17 06:45:24 CEST 2006

Edward Elliott wrote:
> John Bokma wrote:
>> Edward Elliott <nobody at> wrote:
>>> This is just anecdotal, but I still find it interesting.  Take it for
>>> what it's worth.  I'm interested in hearing others' perspectives, just
>>> please don't turn this into a pissing contest.
>> Without seeing the actual code this is quite meaningless.
> Evaluating my experiences yes, relating your own no.

But why would anecdotal accounts be of interest... unless there's
an agenda :)  Differing skill levels and problem scenarios would
tangle the results so much no one could ever unravel the skein or
pry out any meaningful conclusions.  I'm not sure what's to be gained 
...even if you're just evaluating your own experiences. And, as you
suspect, it almost certainly would devolve into a pissing contest.

This subject thread  may be of great interest but I think an language 
advocacy mailing  list would be a better forum.

Charles DeRykus

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