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Fri May 26 05:03:38 CEST 2006

"Geoffrey Summerhayes" <sumrnot at NhOoStPmAaMil.com> wrote:

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>> "Geoffrey Summerhayes" <sRuEmMrOnVoEt at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>> After you kill Navarth, will it be nothing but gruff and deedle
>>> with a little wobbly to fill in the chinks?
>> Comparing Navarth with Xah is a huge insult to Jack Vance. You should
>> be ashamed of yourself for even thinking about it, let alone write it
>> down. 
> Mr. Vance is too intelligent to be insulted by this.

OTOH he changed Wankh to Wannek. [1]

> OTOH, Mad Navarth is free to be as insulted as much
> as his fictional soul will allow. :)

One can only wonder what he would say, but if it comes out in print, I 
will buy it and read it and probably enjoy it.

[1] http://starling.us/wankh_vs_wannek.html

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