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"Michael Tobis" <mtobis at> wrote:

>> According to your silly rule the shortest book on a subject would be
>> the best. Now why is that false?
> No, according to the rule, the shorter of two books **containing the
> same information** would be best.

What is "the same information"?

> In fact, that's what makes the comparison interesting. I had always
> thought that Pythonistas type more than Perlists, though I prefer
> Python anyway. The presumption was based on the fact that  Perl (as
> language and culture) takes delight in saving keystrokes at the
> expense of clarity ($_ and all that)

Then you're very mistaken about the Perl culture, or you consider a
small group *the* Perl culture, which is also a mistake IMNSHO. 

I have never see someone recommend unclear Perl code over clear code,
except in golf. But we're not talking about golf here. 

> while Python makes no special effort in
> that direction.

Nor does Perl. That one can do something doesn't mean one has to do it.

> If real world Python code is substantially more terse *despite* this
> cultural difference, it is a fact worthy of some note.

Maybe you got the Perl culture wrong. I think you do.

> Let me add my voice to those clamoring for Edward to release his code
> while I'm here, though.

Yup, I agree on that. Since I am learning Python (well, I read Dive into
Python, and the Python documentation), and have quite some Perl
experience, I am curious. 

Yes, I might comment on the Perl code, but isn't the goal to learn?

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