A critic of Guido's blog on Python's lambda

Ken Tilton kentilton at gmail.com
Sat May 6 17:09:18 CEST 2006

Kay Schluehr wrote:
> Ken Tilton wrote:
>>Oh, my, you are preaching to the herd (?!) of lemmings?! Please tell me
>>you are aware that lemmings do not have ears. You should just do Lisp
>>all day and add to the open source libraries to speed Lisp's ascendance.
>>The lemmings will be liberated the day Wired puts John McCarthy on the
>>cover, and not a day sooner anyway.
> And then the 12th vanished Lisper returns and Lispers are not
> suppressed anymore and won't be loosers forever. The world will be
> united in the name of Lisp and Lispers will be leaders and honorables.
> People stop worrying about Lispers as psychpaths and do not consider
> them as zealots, equipped with the character of suicide bombers. No,
> Lisp means peace and paradise.

"The Twelfth Vanished Lisper"? I love it. Must start a secret society....



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