John Bokma harassment

Alex Hunsley lard at
Wed May 24 07:13:33 EDT 2006

Xah Lee wrote:
> I'm sorry to trouble everyone. But as you might know, due to my
> controversial writings and style, recently John Bokma lobbied people to
> complaint to my web hosting provider. After exchanging a few emails, my
> web hosting provider sent me a 30-day account cancellation notice last
> Friday.
> I'm not sure I will be able to keep using their service, but I do hope
> so. 

> I do not like to post off-topic messages, 

You don't? Then who has been forcing you to post off-topic essays? A man 
with a gun?

> but this is newsgroup
> incidence is getting out of hand, and I wish people to know about it.

Nothing out of hand here. You are abusing usenet, and for once an ISP is 
doing something prompt about it. More power them.

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