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Max M <maxm at> writes:

> Ben Finney wrote:
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> >>Acctualy there is a solution:
> >>see
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> > Again, sending anything but plain text as the message body ensures
> > that your message is unreadable to a large number of people using a
> > variety of software. It's your choice whether to restrict your
> > audience in this way, but know that that's what you're doing.
> 90% of users are non-technical users who use standard email readers, 
> that can easily read html messages.

Even if your figure of 90% were correct, 10% of readers is still a
large number for most purposes. It's also unknown exactly *which* 10%
of your readers that covers.

> In my experience the kind of user that receives emails with html and 
> pictures often prefer it that way.

What of those who prefer it not to be that way?

What of those who are *incapable* of reading a message that way?

> So why bother with the lecture? I cannot remember when I have last
> received a relevant email that I could not read in text mode.

Nice for you. Fortunately, standard message formats allow the internet
to be used by those other than the enabled majority. Let's keep it
that way.

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