Using a browser as a GUI: which Python package

Don Taylor nospamformeSVP at
Mon May 1 03:27:11 CEST 2006

John J. Lee wrote:
> "André" <andre.roberge at> writes:
> [...]
>>I would like to use a browser (e.g. Firefox) as a simple GUI
>>"framework".  Note that this is to be done on a single user machine, so
>>the question of sandboxing is not really relevant here.
> [...]
>>My ultimate goal would be to port the main features of two
>>wxPython-based apps I wrote (rur-ple and Lightning Compiler, both found
>>within a standard browser.
> If you can stick to Firefox, you might find XUL useful.  There are
> various different styles of development that use XUL and Python -- a
> bit of Googling and reading should find them.
Bear in mind that I don't know what I am talking about, but I stumbled 
across 'ZK' the other day put it on my list of thinkgs to check out.  It 
provides a range of XUL and XHTML widgets, see:

Has anyone tried this?  I would really like to find a GUI toolkit that 
allowed me to program XUL in Firefox using Python.  ZK is not quite 
that, but it looks close.


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