how to clear up a List in python?

Luis Armendariz luis at
Fri May 26 12:53:41 CEST 2006

vbgunz wrote:
> Steve, I have no qualm with Fredrik over this '''if you don't know how
> to do things, you don't need to post.''' but this ''' if you know why
> this is about the dumbest way to do what you're doing, and you're
> posted this on purpose, you really need to grow up.'''.

Well, given that you did post it on purpose and had no "intent to mess
anyone up over it", it is clear that the antecedent in Fredrik's
if-statement is not satisfied and therefore your mind should've skipped
the consequent statement when reading his response. Why get so upset
about something that didn't even apply to you? :-)


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