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Mon May 15 16:21:20 CEST 2006

j.paston.cooper at gmail.com wrote:
> Is Plone analoguous to ASP.NET? 

Certainly not.

> Is it a python web developing platform?

No, it's a CMS. FWIW, it's written in bold on the project's home page:
Plone: A user-friendly and powerful open source Content Management System

FWIW, it's based on Zope, which is a Python-based web application server

> I am confused on what Turbogears is aswell

A Python web MVC framework.

> because of the lack of
> documentation for it.

I think there's at least enough informations on the turbogears website
to understand that it's a framework for doing web applications :

TurboGears is the rapid web development megaframework

Create great web apps faster

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