mod_python, COM, on win2k3 server

drs drs
Sat May 20 21:58:32 CEST 2006

I have an application that runs on mod_python/apache using the publisher 
handler.  It uses an access db as the backend and connects via ADO.  In a 
test environment on XP it runs fine, but when on a win2k3 server it will 
load one page, but all subsequent page loads throw a 
pythoncom.CoInitializeEX error until I restart the apache.

Presumably, this is a threading issue, but I am not sure what the best 
approach to fixing it is.  Should I simply wrap all COM calls with 
pythoncom.CoInitialize/pythoncom.CoUninitialize calls, or is this somethig 
that needs to be done at a lower level.

This is mod_python 3.2, Python 2.3.5, apache2.0.*, win2k3, ado 2.8, and the 
server has 2 processors in case that matters.



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