Xah Lee network abuse

PofN 7abc at sogetthis.com
Wed May 24 20:39:35 CEST 2006

Xah Lee wrote:
> I'm sorry to trouble everyone.

Liar. You were never sorry when you troubled us with your posting
excrements in the past, you are not sorry now.

>  But as you might know, due to my
> controversial writings and style,

Liar. You are a net abuser, a kook and a troll. It has nothing to do
with your writings and style. It has everything to do with your
vialoation of netiquette, with you x-posting of off-topic messages,
with your trolling and kookery.

> recently John Bokma lobbied people to
> complaint to my web hosting provider.

Liear. John asked people do do their duty as net citizens and to report
a serial net abuser.

> After exchanging a few emails, my
> web hosting provider sent me a 30-day account cancellation notice last
> Friday.

Shit. So they gave you 30 more days to abuse the net. Shit, shit, shit.
They should have pulled the plug immediately.

> I'm not sure I will be able to keep using their service, but I do hope
> so.

Lets hope not.

> I do not like to post off-topic messages,

Liar. Your whole usenet "career" is build around the posting of
off-topic messages.

> but this is newsgroup
> incidence is getting out of hand,

Liar. You were getting out of hand for some time now.

> and I wish people to know about it.

People know very well about you, Xah Lee, the serial newsgroup abuser,
troll, liar, and kook.

> I wrote some full detail here:
> http://xahlee.org/Periodic_dosage_dir/t2/harassment.html

More lies.

> If you believe this lobbying to my webhosting provider is unjust,
> please write to my web hosting provider abuse at dreamhost.com

I believe it is justified, and I wrote dreamhost to thank them. You now
reap what you saw. You refused to play nice with us in the past, now
don't be surprised that people don't come to your aid.

> Your help is appreciated. Thank you.

I appreciate the courage of John and friends to stand up against
someone who is out of control. You are not even affraid off accusing
John of a crime (harrasment) and starting a smear campaing on your web
site. You have sunken so low that you are fast approaching the earth's
metal core.

*Thanks John for making usenet a better place!*

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