Tabs versus Spaces in Source Code

Oliver Wong owong at
Tue May 23 17:14:03 CEST 2006

"Jonathon McKitrick" <j_mckitrick at> wrote in message 
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> Pascal Bourguignon wrote:
>> (defun ιοτα (&key (номер 10) (단계 1) (בכוכ 0))
>>   (loop :for i :from בכוכ :to номер :by 단계 :collect i))
> How do you even *enter* these characters?  My browser seems to trap all
> the special character combinations, and I *know* you don't mean
> selecting from a character palette.
> ࿿ hey, this is weird...
> î
> I've got something happening, but I can't tell what.
> Yes, I'm an ignorant Western world ASCII user.  :-)

    What OS are you using? In Windows XP, you'd have to let the XP know that 
you're interested in input in languages other than English via "Control 
Panel -> Regional Settings -> Languages -> Text Services and Input 
Languages". There, you'd add input methods other than English. Each "input 
method" works in a sort of unique way, so you'll just have to learn them. 
For example, under English, you can use the "keyboard" input method which 
probably is what you're using now, or the "handwriting recognition" input 
method, or the "speech recognition" input method to insert english text. 
There are other input methods for the Asian languages (e.g. Chinese, 
Japanese, etc.)

    - Oliver 

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