Usenet Loser usenet.loser at usenet.loser
Thu May 4 02:10:20 CEST 2006

I am completely empty and shallow. I use no CAD package at all now. I
would like to buy one for recreational use, instead of watching American

What CAD package has integrated FEA and rigid body calculations so that
I could design a bar stool, and easily determine:

a) if it is top-heavy, so that drunken customers could easily tip it
over, and

b) if a fat drunken customer sat on it, which part would give way first.

Also, are there such things as libraries of materials that I could
specify, which the FEA would take into account, so that a bar stool made
of PVC would bend differently from a bar stool made of tungsten?

Also, what about Python and CAD? 

I've seen http://free-cad.sourceforge.net and pythoncad, but have any
major CAD vendors incorporated Python, sort of the way that ESRI used
Python in it's ArcView GIS product?

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