Newbie question on code vetting

william.boquist at william.boquist at
Tue May 2 21:16:14 EDT 2006


I have visited the Python web site and read some information on who the
commiters are and how to go about submitting code to them, but I have not
been able to locate any information regarding the process for vetting the
code to identify any possible IP infringement before it is committed. How do
the committers ascertain the originality of the code before it becomes part
of the base? Is there any use of tools like BlackDuck ProtexIP or the
competing Palamida product to scan for matches to code that is already
licensed elsewhere?

Also, is the same or a different standard of IP assurance practiced for the
Cheese Shop?

I work for a risk-averse company, and I want to compile a solid case for
obtaining and using Python at work.

Thanks in advance,

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