creating a new database with mysqldb

Heiko Wundram me at
Wed May 17 21:34:39 CEST 2006

Am Mittwoch 17 Mai 2006 21:23 schrieb John Salerno:
> Well, the thing about it is that all the guides I find online seem to
> begin with using a command prompt or a unix shell, neither of which will
> work in my case. I'm trying to find a way to access my database server
> using just a python script. Perhaps that isn't even possible for me to
> do without shell access. I might just have to use the msqladministrator
> in my server control panel, instead of using python.

Creating a database is just another SQL command in MySQL (which you can easily 
send to the MySQL server you're using with Python and MySQLdb):


Of course, you need to log on with a user who is allowed to create databases.

See the MySQL documentation for more info on the available CREATE commands.

--- Heiko.

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