Python sqlite and regex.

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Fri May 19 19:44:45 CEST 2006

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> Matt Good wrote:
> > SQLite3 already has a REGEXP function, so you don't need to create your
> > own. [...]
> Yes, but SQLite does not include a regular expression engine, and thus
> according to the SQLite docs you need to register a REGEXP function in
> order to make the REGEXP operator work:
> """
> The REGEXP operator is a special syntax for the regexp() user function. No
> regexp() user function is defined by default and so use of the REGEXP
> operator will normally result in an error message. If a user-defined
> function named "regexp" is defined at run-time, that function will be
> called in order to implement the REGEXP operator.
> """

This is very interesting.  So I *could* define my own regexp function that
processes not regular expressions, but say, glob-like strings, which are
usually much easier for end users to work with (very basic wild-carding
where '*' matches one or more characters, and '?' matches any single
character - maybe add '#' to match any single digit and '@' to match any
single alpha character).

-- Paul

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