Swaying A Coder Away From Python

bruno at modulix onurb at xiludom.gro
Thu May 4 15:20:01 CEST 2006

BartlebyScrivener wrote:
> I'm picking this up via clp on Google Groups. I can't tell what Mr.
> Lundh is referring to. The first line of his post is: "Tim Williams
> wrote" but there's nothing that comes before. I had seen the article on
> Django on Digg I think, but what is article Tim Williams is referring
> to?

Google for "David A. Utter"

bruno desthuilliers
python -c "print '@'.join(['.'.join([w[::-1] for w in p.split('.')]) for
p in 'onurb at xiludom.gro'.split('@')])"

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