[OT] - Requesting Comments for "Open Source Rework" Business Concept

Ilias Lazaridis ilias at lazaridis.com
Sat May 20 20:51:03 CEST 2006

You may remember the request for comments at the start of this year:



The services of "Lazaridis System Design" have reached pre-release state 
and will be soon released to the public:


You can find the overall picture of how the services interconnect with 
other company activities here:


The target groups for the services are mainly:

  * Open Source Projects
  * Individuals and Vendors (intrested in open source projects)
  * Commercial Vendors (proprietary systems)

I would like to ask for feedback subjecting the business concept 
especialy in the context of Open Source Projects.

You can reply publically or with private email.


The initial plan is the following:

The "Initial Analysis" week has a low rate (trial rate). This is to 
allow Vendors & Projects to try the services for a lower investment:


Small Scale Open Source Projects can benefit from very special prices, 
which can reach 1/5th of the current rates (80% off).

If the product category is currently under review, an open source 
project will be charged only a-day-for-a-week:


Actual Subsystems is for following:

  * persistency systems (python, ruby)
  * complete frameworks, which contain persistency (python, ruby)
  * project hosts and collaboration tools (python, ruby)

As an example, python persistence candidates for the reduced rates would 
be "Axiom", "Django" and "SQLObject":



Audits of other listed Subsystems will be charged with 2/5th of the 
current rates.

Large Scale Open Source Projects and/or fully commercialized Open Source 
Projects will be charged with 3/5th (actual subsystems) or 4/5th 
(scheduled subsystems).

Commercial Entities and Open Source Projects not within the Subsystem 
listing will be charged with 5/5ths of the rates.


Another possibility would be to make the audits freely and to ask for a 
small fee from the end-users which use the results (e.g. paypal link 
within the section).


This is a draft version and the facts and interconnections are most 
possibly not demonstrated very clearly.

You feedback will assist to clarify / adjust the concept.

Thank you very much for your time.



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