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Sat May 20 03:51:11 CEST 2006

Edward Elliott <nobody at> wrote:

> John Bokma wrote:
>> Edward Elliott <nobody at> wrote:
>>> The question is how to count explicit names like module.class.func;
>>> should that be 1 identifier or 3?  Counting as 3 would reward things
>>> like "from X import *" which are generally frowned on in python while
>>> 'use MOD qw(id)' is encouraged in perl.
>> Not by me, and I doubt it is in general.
> Well it's all over the Perl Cookbook.

Yeah, sure, all over. Maybe check the book again. It is used in some 
examples, sure. And it even explains how it works. Don't forget that most 
of the book was written around 1998. Yes, 8 years ago.

You can even find examples on my site that use imported functions (which I 
will fix, because I frown upon it :-) ). But I doubt you can find a 
majority in the perl community that *encourages* the use of imported 

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