Running script in __main__ shows no output in IDLE

heidi.hunter at heidi.hunter at
Mon May 22 14:26:41 CEST 2006

I just downloaded the most recent (2.4.3) Python and IDLE (1.1.3) to
Windows XP Professional. I'm new to the IDLE environment, so hopefully
someone can tell me what I'm missing here! Below is the code, which I'm
editing within IDLE, and attempting to test with the Run commands.

I was expecting to see at least see the prints to stdout from the if
__name__ ... statement and main() function, but when I use F5 Run
module I don't see any output or errors. Any suggestions? Does IDLE
still need the executable file statement at the top even if I run it

import sys
from xml.sax import ContentHandler, make_parser
from xml.sax.handler import feature_namespaces

class AuthorHandler(ContentHandler):
#    """Converts an author file"""

    def __init__(self,outfilename):
#        """Constructor. Takes output file name."""
        self.outfile = ""
        self.insertCmd = "INSERT Authors SET "

    def startElement(self,name,attrs):
#        """Overridden. Creates SQL statements from author nodes."""
        if name != "root":
            self.insertCmd += "%s = '" % self.convertColumnName(name)

    def characters(self,chars):
#        """Overridden. Add tag values as column values."""
        self.insertCmd += chars

    def endElement(self,name):
#        """Overridden. Close column value and add separator."""
        if name == "root":
            self.insertCmd += "';"
            self.insertCmd += "',"

    def convertColumnName(self,name):
        return name

def main(args):
    print "In main"
    # Create an instance of the handler classes
    ah = AuthorHandler()

    # Create an XML parser
    parser = make_parser()

    # Tell the parser to use your handler instance

    # Parse the file; your handler's methods will get called

    print ah.insertCmd

if __name__ == "__main__":
    print "to main"

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