interactive programme (voice)

nigel cm012b5105 at
Tue May 30 22:57:25 CEST 2006

hi i have wrote an interactive programme,this is a small section of it.
#This is my first programme writing in python
s = raw_input ("hello what's your name? ")
if s=='carmel':
   print "Ahh the boss's wife"
if s=='melvyn':
    print "your the boss's dad"
if s=='rebecca':
    print "you must be the wreath woman"
if s=='gareth ':
    print "You must be the trucker"
if s=='carol':
    print "you must be my boss's mom"

What i was wandering is there a way i can get sound,i mean instead of getting 
it to just print text on my screen i would like my computer to say it.
Thanks nige

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