Python - Web Display Technology

SamFeltus sam at
Tue May 23 12:13:24 EDT 2006

""""I would.  Most people would, once they realize that shiny/flashy is

information too.
High "production values" affect value-determining centers of the brain,

bypassing the linguistic and logical centers.  They make you understand

that the thing you're being presented is "worth something".

Most of the time, it's only worth a fat cash profit to the person doing

the presenting, who is giving you a piece of junk at an inflated price.

 But your brain doesn't care.  It's got a shortcut to your wallet, and
the information on the screen is accessing that.

--Blair """"

This was the most useful comment for me.  I never fully considered that
Flash was aiming at a different part of the brain.  HTML is resonant
with the mindset of Python, Flash is not.  Perceptual match vs
perceptual mismatch.

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