Way to get an array of latitude/longitude points (tuples) from a trip

kbperry keith.b.perry at gmail.com
Wed May 31 15:25:16 CEST 2006

> The problem is not the latitude/longitude. It would be trivial to
> compute the great circle, thus the length of the trip between A and B
> and divide it in smaller pieces to get 1-mile-distances.

Yeah, I am starting to wish we drove in straight lines.

>   But unless you own an Aircraft & are important enough to take flights
> the direct route without air traffic control getting mad at you (aka:
> you are George W. Bush or some other bigwig goverment guy), this won't
> do you much good. What you needed would be a vectormap of the streets so
> that you could do route planning. Which is expensive to get.

It just seems odd with all of the map software out there, that this
isn't available.

> So I guess you are better off trying to find someone who offers that as
> part of the service.

I wonder how expensive that would be....probably way out of our price

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