md5 from python different then md5 from command line

John Salerno johnjsal at
Sun May 7 20:16:34 CEST 2006

ursache.marius at wrote:
> Hi
> I noticed that the md5 computed with md5 module from python is
> different then the md5 sum computed with md5sum utility (on slackware
> and gentoo).
> i.e.
> $echo marius|md5sum
> 0f0f60ac801a9eec2163083a22307deb -
>>>> test ="marius")
>>>> print test.hexdigest()
> 242aa1a97769109065e3b4df359bcfc9
> Any idea why? and how to get the same md5 sum for both calls?
> Thanks

Just a quick md5-related follow-up question: I was experimenting with it 
and making md5 sums for strings, but how do you use the md5 module to 
create a sum for an actual file, such as an .exe file?


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