John Bokma harassment

P.L.Hayes paul at
Fri May 26 08:57:56 CEST 2006

"Mumia W." < at> writes:

> Mitch wrote:
>> John Bokma wrote:
>> [...]
>>> You're mistaken. All you need to do is report it. After some time
>>> Xah will either walk in line with the rest of the world, or has
>>> found somewhere else to yell. As long as it's not my back garden
>>> and not around 4AM, I am ok with it.
>> Walk in line with the rest of the world?  Pah.
>> This is no-ones back garden.
> But it is a place where John Bokma can engage in a little power play.
> Notice how John Bokma pretends to own these newsgroups. In every
> analogy, Bokma uses "ownership" concepts to support his harassment of
> Xah.
> John Bokma conceptualizes these newsgroups as something that he
> dominates. Without other people to recognize his power, it's empty, so
> he bashes and then trashes Xah, and in doing so, proves that he is
> dominant here.
> Don't let it happen. Write the abuse address at Dreamhost, and try to
> help Xah out.

I agree. I have already written to Dreamhost and I hope more people
will do so. I have found some of what has been posted here quite
astonishing and the actions of certain people to be reprehensible: by
far the most serious violation of netiquette I see here is this
thoroughly wrong-headed campaign to try to censor Xah by appealing to
his service provider. In my opinion it is that, not anything Xah has
done, which comes any where near deserving any sort of termination of
access to the Internet. Since Xah's website is hosted by Dreamhost,
the unwarranted censorship will be compounded by an act of gratuitous
vandalism, potentially depriving people of useful resources:


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