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Further to my recent mention of galaxql as a SQL learning tool, I had 
the following feedback through

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> jari komppa (jari.komppa at on Friday, May 19, 2006 at 00:07:53
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> comments: Steve Holden wrote: "Also I just discovered a shareware 
> application called galaxql.." 
> I'd like to note that it's not shareware - I'm not asking money for it. Thanks for spreading the word =)
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Aah, so I should have called it "freeware"? I believe it's not open 
source, but I may be incorrect there too - I just downloaded a Windows 
installer, which worked very smoothly. Sorry to be inaccurate. I am 
posting to python-list at to correct the mistake. Please feel 
free to post there yourself to direct people to the Galaxql web site.

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