Finding a lost PYTHONPATH with find

Edward Elliott nobody at
Mon May 29 14:18:46 EDT 2006

John J. Lee wrote:

> find / -maxdepth 3 -size -100k -type f -exec grep -sli pythonpath '{}' \;
> The minus in '-100k' (meaning "less than 100k") seems to be
> undocumented, at least on my system.  

It should be standard in linux man pages, can't speak for other unices:

       Numeric arguments can be specified as

       +n     for greater than n,

       -n     for less than n,

       n      for exactly n.

Maybe you were fooled because it's not directly under the description of

> I suppose the -maxdepth is 
> redundant since I think find searches breadth-first by default.

??? maxdepth determines how deep the search will look, not the order the
search occurs.  Your search only find things within 3 levels of the root,
unless your directory tree goes no deeper than that (very unlikely) the
maxdepth can't be redundant.

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