os listdir access denied when run as a service

Ian Parker parker at hiredatum.demon.co.uk
Thu May 25 09:38:32 CEST 2006

In message <mailman.6178.1148529545.27775.python-list at python.org>, 
Thomas Thomas <thomas at eforms.co.nz> writes
>Hi All,
>I am trying to access a mapped network drive folder. everything works fine
>normally. But when i run the application as service I am getting the error
>Traceback (most recent call last):
>  File "docBoxApp.py", line 129, in ?
>  File "core\PollFiles.pyc", line 332, in doPoll
>  File "core\PollFiles.pyc", line 47, in createFileList
>  File "core\PollFiles.pyc", line 25, in addFolderFiles
>WindowsError: [Errno 5] Access is denied: 'G:\\DT Hot Folder test/*.*'
>below is my code
>def addFolderFiles(folder,filelist=[]):
>    logger=ServerInterface.getErrorLogger()
>    folder = folder.encode('ascii') #convert path to ascii for  File Method
>    for filename in os.listdir(folder):#line 25
>            file=os.path.join(folder,filename)
>            logger.error("loop file :"+file);
>            if os.path.isfile(file):
>                logger.error("is file :"+file);
>                if ((not (file.find(".tmp")>=0)) and (not
>                    filelist.append(file)
>            elif os.path.isdir(file):
>                logger.error("file is a directory :"+file);
>                addFolderFiles(file,filelist)
>def createFileList(files,folders,filelist=[]):
>    logger=ServerInterface.getErrorLogger()
>    for file in files:
>        file = file.encode('ascii') #convert path to ascii for  File Method
>        if os.path.isfile(file):
>           if ((not (file.find(".tmp")>=0)) and (not (file.find("~")>=0))):
>                filelist.append(file)
>    for folder in  folders:
>        logger.error("got a folder :"+folder);
>        logger.error("it was in the list :"+folders.__str__());
>        addFolderFiles(folder,filelist)
>    return (1,filelist)
>anything I can do about this..
>Thomas Thomas
This may be relevant.   IIRC, when you run a service under the system 
account it doesn't have network access.  You need to run it under an 
account that does have access to the drive.


Ian Parker

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