noob question: "TypeError" wrong number of args

Edward Elliott nobody at
Wed May 3 02:55:04 CEST 2006

Ben Finney wrote:
> So the tradeoff you propose is:
>   - Honour "explicit is better than implicit", but users are confused
>     over "why do I need to declare the instance in the method
>     signature?"
> against
>   - Break "explicit is better than implicit", take away some of the
>     flexibility in Python, and users are confused over "where the heck
>     did this 'self' thing come from?" or "how the heck do I refer to
>     the instance object?"

Essentially, but
1. it removes zero flexibility (everything works as before)
2. it's no more confusing than "where did this len/count/dir/type/str/any
other builtin thing come from?"
3. learning "how do i access this instance object" is certainly no harder or
less intuitive than learning "how do i initialize this instance object?"

> I don't see a net gain by going with the latter.

Ok.  Would you care to explain in more detail?

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