Using a package like PyInstaller

James Stroud jstroud at
Sun May 28 01:13:16 CEST 2006

LittlePython wrote:
> Thx for the tip.
> I am referring more to the use of PyInstaller or py2exe. Packages that
> create exe files that basically have your py script and a small py
> interpreter all rolled up into one. This way py does not need to be
> installed on a system to execute a py script. I am being advised that python
> is installed onto systems (windows) it should not be on. I am new to python
> and these types of packages and am not too sure how dumb a question this
> really is.. but can these packages bleed out files, dll, exe ect. to systems
> they are run on?

They don't have to "bleed" anything. Everything, including the python 
interpreter, and 3rd party libraries can be included in a single 
executable. Here is an example script for pyinstaller that rolls 
evertyhing into one file (this is what I use to roll up my passerby 
program at

setenv TEMP temp

set pythonexe='c:/Python23-Enthought/python'
set pbydir='z:/Code/pby/current/'

rm *.pyc

rm -rf ./temp/ ./passerby/
mkdir temp

$pythonexe --onefile --tk --noconsole  \
                        --icon $pbydir/../icons/passerby.ico \
       $pbydir/ passerby/passerby.spec
$pythonexe passerby/passerby.spec

You can control installation with innosetup.


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