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Edward Elliott nobody at
Mon May 15 05:50:42 CEST 2006

Edward Elliott wrote:

> import smtpd
> class SMTPProxy (smtpd.SMTPServer):
>     def process_message (self, peer, mailfrom, rcpttos, data):
>         # my code here
> proxy = SMTPProxy (listen_addr, relay_addr)
> # now what?

Update: I think I've solved it.  SMTPServer registers with asyncore, so the
'now what' to handle connections is this:


I tried that once before I posted without success, however I think I had
accidentally closed the socket already.

Now a follow-up question: does anyone know the purpose of the timeout
parameter to loop()?  The asyncore docs say this:

"The timeout argument sets the timeout parameter for the appropriate
select() or poll() call, measured in seconds; the default is 30 seconds."

According to the select man page, timeout determines how long it blocks
before returning.  But AFAICT, asyncore.loop() runs forever (as long as a
channel is open) no matter how long select blocks.  What's the point of
passing a timeout for select when loop just calls it again every time it

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