How can I implement a timeout with subprocess.Popen()?

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Mon May 1 03:35:11 CEST 2006

I want my Python program to invoke a compiled C program, and capture the 
text output.
Here's a fragment from a program that works, using subprocess.Popen:

    p = Popen(execName, stdout=PIPE)
        line = p.stdout.readline() # get next line
        (Then I test for a certain unique phrase in line, and then break 
if it occurs)

The above works fine as long as the target program runs for a little 
while and then stops.  But what if  it does not stop?   It might run 
forever, with or without outputting any lines.  How can I make this 
robust?  The keyword might not occur.  The target might crash.  It might 
run forever, with or without text output.


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