please help me is sms with python

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon May 15 16:45:34 CEST 2006

Diez B. Roggisch wrote:
> Attach a Mobile to your computer using USB/Bluetooth, open it with a
> terminal program and use these AT-commands.
> Command Set
> You can do that in python too, by opening the COM-port the handset is
> attached to and issuing the commands yourself.

See the t616hack distribution for help on reading and writing messages,
although I haven't bothered to implement message sending just yet - it
shouldn't be as hard as implementing message writing, however.

Nelson Minar did the original work by getting COM port communications
working using PySerial and a Bluetooth dongle. I've since extended that
work to use Bluetooth sockets, which are somewhat more convenient. Only
certain Sony Ericsson telephones are known to work, but I imagine that
other models provide similar command sets.

With respect to the original query, it may be the case that the
questioner was thinking of certain Internet gateways which accept
requests and relay messages to the telephone network. Certain software
packages like smssend may be the solution in that context.


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