problem with import autotest ...

bravegag bravegag at
Fri May 19 14:36:59 CEST 2006

Hi all,

Please beware I am new to Python and have little experience with it.

I have a script that works just fine on linux but when I try to debug
from Windows using Eclipse and PyDEV plugin then it does not
work. The Python version is the same 2.3.x , and command line
is roughly the same.

from Unix: <my-params>

>From Windows (Eclipse)
python.exe <my-params>

The point is that from Linux the "import autotest" works as
intended i.e. just allow the importing module use some functions
but from Windows it autoruns itself just by importing it, I do not
get why or how?

>From Windows it does:

"Regression test.

This will find all modules whose name is "test_*" in the test
directory, and run them.  Various command line options provide
additional facilities"

and then starts executing tests without ever getting to the main
of my module ...

Any clues?

Best Regards,

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