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Edward Elliott nobody at
Sun May 14 01:05:39 EDT 2006

Gary Wessle wrote:

> I am looping through a directory and appending all the files in one
> huge file, the codes below should give the same end results but are
> not, I don't understand why the first code is not doing it.
> combined = open(outputFile, 'wb')
> for name in flist:
>     if os.path.isdir(file): continue
>     infile = open(os.path.join(file), 'rb')

this shouldn't work.  'file' is a type object, not a filename.  did you
rebind 'file' without showing us?  or should those 'file's be 'name's
instead?  in either case, calling os.path.join with one argument is

>     # CODE 1 this does not work
>     tx =
>     if tx == "": break
>     combined.write(tx)
>     infile.close()

hint: where will break take you?  therein lies your answer.

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