algorithmic mathematical art

Alex Hunsley lard at
Sun May 7 14:53:12 EDT 2006

Xah Lee wrote:
> i've long time been interested in algorithmic mathematical art. That
> is, mathematical or algorithmic visual art works that are generated by
> computer such that the program's source code reflects the algorithmic
> essence of the visual quality in the art work. (for detail, see
> Algorithmic Mathematical Art at

Hi Xah
thanks for the interesting links!
I sometimes dabble in computer art.
Nearest example of my stuff to hand are these:

Those images are based on a variant of the Newton-Raphson root finding
equation (and used on complex numbers - the pictures represents the
Argand plane, i.e. x => real, => imaginary).

I need to find more of my stuff and give it a proper home!

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