John Bokma harassment

Geoffrey Summerhayes sRuEmMrOnVoEt at
Thu May 25 20:09:51 CEST 2006

"John Bokma" <john at> wrote in message 
news:Xns97CE807F1ADC6castleamber at
> Dra¾en Gemiæ <usenet at local.machine> wrote:
>> There is a person on USENET, particularly in hr. hierarchy that
>> posts under three different accounts. Sometimes he argues with
>> himself, and sometimes event supports himself :-)
>> Maybe we have the similar case here.
> Wouldn't amaze me if some of the buddies of Xah are actually Xah sitting
> in some Internet cafe, enjoying this troll fest, and already thinking up
> the next one.

That's right, we're all Xah, you're the only other one here.

After you kill Navarth, will it be nothing but gruff and deedle
with a little wobbly to fill in the chinks?


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