List of lists of lists of lists...

Robert Kern robert.kern at
Wed May 10 03:26:47 CEST 2006

James Stroud wrote:

> Numarray does this sort of thing, but you have to familiarize yourself 
> with its indexing conventions:
> py> import numarray
> py> numarray.ones((3,2))
> array([[1, 1],
>         [1, 1],
>         [1, 1]])
> py> numarray.ones((1,2,3))
> array([[[1, 1, 1],
>          [1, 1, 1]]])

numpy is the successor to numarray, so if you are just starting with arrays,
please get started with numpy. It should also be noted that numpy can create
arrays of objects as well as arrays of numbers.

In [1]: from numpy import *

In [2]: empty((1,2,3), dtype=object)
array([[[None, None, None],
        [None, None, None]]], dtype=object)

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