simultaneous reading and writing a textfile

Marco Herrn marco.herrn at
Tue May 16 17:46:35 CEST 2006


I have a text file with some lines in it.
Now I want to iterate over this file and exchange some lines with some
others. I tried this approach:

        myfile= file('myfile', 'r+')

        while 1:
            line= myfile.readline()
            if not line: break

            l= line.strip().split()
            if len(l) == 1:
                hostname= l[0]
                myfile.write(hostname+' '+mac+'\n')
        if not myfile is None:

This should inspect the file and find the first line, that can't be
split into two parts (that means, which has only one word in it).
This line should be exchanged with a line that contains some more

Unfortunately (or how better python programmers than I am would say,
"of course") this doesn't work. The line is exchanged, but also some
more lines.

Now how can I achieve, what I want? Really exchange one line with
another, regardless of their length. Is this possible? If this is not
possible, then what would be the best approach to do this?

I do not want to read the whole file, exchange the line in memory and
then write the whole file. This would be quite slow with large files.


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