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Sun May 21 00:44:32 CEST 2006

Edward Elliott <nobody at> wrote:

> You lecturing people on pissing contests, that's rich.  Nice way to
> duck the issue and sound like a winner.

Then you've missed what a discussion really is. It's not about winning, 
it's about learning. Sadly you missed that point. 

> Wake me when you decide to address the substance of my arguments.

I have done so. If you don't consider it enough and think that code in a 
book based on 8+ year old modules is the current state of Perl 
programming, fine with me.

As a final word, I quote from chapter 12.10 of Learning Perl Objects, 
References, & Modules [1]:

"As seen earlier, *the normal means* of using an object-oriented module
 is to call class methods and then methods against instances 
 resulting from constructors of that class. This means that an OO
 module *typically exports nothing*, ..."

Which is in general recommended as the book one has to read after Learning 
Perl (IIRC it will be renamed in a next edition to reflect this).

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