critique this little script, if you like

John Salerno johnjsal at
Mon May 1 01:33:52 CEST 2006

# Create new subdomain directory (with subdirectories) in my 1and1 folder

import os
import sys

subdirs = [r'\cgi-bin', r'\images', r'\styles']

#if len(sys.argv) == 1:
#   subdomain = raw_input('Enter subdomain name: ')
#   subdomain = sys.argv[1]

     subdomain = sys.argv[1]
except IndexError:
     subdomain = raw_input('Enter subdomain name: ')

path = r'C:\Documents and Settings\John Salerno\My Documents\My 
Webs\1and1\\\' + subdomain

for subdir in subdirs:
     os.mkdir(path + subdir)

Just a simple script I wrote as an experiment, and it works nicely 
anyway. My two questions are these:

1. Like my other post, I'm wondering if it's okay to handle the ending 
backlash as I did in path

2. Between the if block or the try block, which is more Pythonic? The 
try block seems nicer because it doesn't have such an ugly-looking check 
to make.

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