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Edward Elliott nobody at
Mon May 22 19:15:42 CEST 2006

SamFeltus wrote:

> 1. Loss of back button
> Isn't this really a myth?  A page with a time dimension, be it Flash,
> HTML/JS or whatever, breaks the back button.  A page without a time
> dimension doesn't break the back button.  Should we now and forever
> more give up the time dimension to avoid breaking the back button.
> Perhaps for non-text sites, the back button is an anachronism?

A time-based push model of content delivery, that would be television.  One
of the web's defining features is it lets you retrieve information in your
own order at your own pace.  Pages with an unalterable 'time dimension' are
nothing more than interactive tv at best.

Flash is a fine technology, just not a good one for the web.  It's
appropriate for games and video clips embedded in a page and that's about
it.  Other content has no business being in Flash.  Usability problems
aren't just an artifact of the implementation, they're part of Flash's

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