python vs perl lines of code

Edward Elliott nobody at
Sun May 21 00:55:12 CEST 2006

George Sakkis wrote:

> Not trying to be as ass, but can you take this offline or at least in a
> perl newsgroup ? Arguing on a particular fact or speculation about the
> perl community is rather unproductive and offtopic for a python
> newsgroup.

No offense taken.  It's definitely OT.  I left it here because 1)
comp.lang.python seems pretty lax about going OT when it's related to the
thread, which in this case it was, and 2) the general discussion about what
constitutes a community seemed kinda useful.

That said, I definitely think the discussion has run its course.  It's
getting dangerously close to flaming at this point, which indicates it's
time to go offline.

Edward Elliott
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