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>> Wrong. We live in a paradise of ideas and possibilities well beyond the
>> wildest dreams of only 20 years ago.
> What exciting new ideas exist in software that are both important and
> cannot be traced back to 1986 or earlier?
> I'd like to believe that there are some, but I can't think of any at the
> moment.
> All the best,
> John.

Well most have to do with wireless nets and connectivity.
One is that all compoters will be connected to the net all of the time.
When you go out you will not bring a mobile phone you will bring a PDA  
(Personal data assistant).
You can call people, listent to music, wach videoes. You can connect to
the web cans at home and see that the children are ok or turn the oven on
while on the way back from work, etc.
As you move from sector to another the PDA aquites the closest transmitter
and hooks on to it. Most use wireless networks to
connect aplliances in their homes.
Instead of tv stations you order movies and TV series from online
servers. etc..

Also the AI part. AI will not consist of cumputers trying to pretend to
be people. The will take vocal commands. The will remember your  
It will know when you are on vacation. Turn the alarm on, lower the house  
and turn on lights periodically to make it look inhabited.
It will know what movies and shows you like to watch and order them  
It will know who you know and order incoming messages accordingly by  
also block out those you do not what contact with.

There is now a clear idea of how windows systems should behave.
Windows interfaces have evolved accordingly. It is now far less
tedious to connect systems to the net or make a windows interface..

etc, etc..

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