Python - Web Display Technology

SamFeltus sam at
Mon May 22 21:05:38 CEST 2006

This has all been very helpful.  I've been struggling for awhile on
which direction to go with computer programming.  I realize the problem
with HTML and the P language family is that although it makes sense to
me, it doesn't really resonate with my perspective.  Flash definitely
does.  I finally realize what it is that bothers me about

I am uncomfortable with the seperating of the code from the visual/time
element, as well as the lack of emphasis on the visual/time element.

Perhaps that is related to years of being a gardener?

Anyways, this question no longer vexates me.  HTML is for one
ecosystem, Flash is for another.  There is room for both.

Next question...    :)

I am not a big Perl/PHP fan, I find Python with SimpleJSON, SQLObject
and the included Python batteries pretty well does all I want to do
server side.  Is it correct to think that is gonna be a solid, simple
solution for a Flash coder to use server side?  Or, is there something
better and easier?  (In advance, I find XML irritating compared to

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