Tabs are EVIL *and* STUPID, end of discussion. (Re: Tabs versus Spaces in Source Code)

Edward Elliott nobody at
Wed May 17 19:28:26 CEST 2006

Sybren Stuvel wrote:

> Andy Sy enlightened us with:
>> Like I said, you'll *NEVER* get that fancy shmancy 'semantic
>> indentation' idea to work properly in the most basic utilities which
>> have the 8-space tabs assumption hardcoded in them.
> Fair enough. How much code is viewed with less and cat, and how much
> is viewed using smart viewers/editors? I think the majority is viewed
> using the latter.

Just for the sake of completeness:

cat file |sed 's/\t/    /g'
less -x4 file

vim ~/
cat "$@" |sed 's/\t/    /g'
alias less='less -x4'

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