Tabs are EVIL *and* STUPID, end of discussion. (Re: Tabs versus Spaces in Source Code)

Andy Sy andy at
Wed May 17 15:37:36 CEST 2006

achates wrote:

>> Andy Sy wrote:
>> Don't be evil - always configure your editor to
>> convert tabs to true spaces.
> Yet another space-indenter demonstrates that problem actually lies with
> people who think that tab == some spaces.

Wrong.  I am completely aware that an editor configured to
convert tabs to true spaces will not always replace a tab
into the same number of space characters.

If you understood what I meant you'd realize that it meant:  "Use the
tab key if you have to (4,8,3,2... whatever...), but /always/ have your
editor convert them to true spaces, so they can display properly -
*without need for tweaks* - on any display medium and on anyone's

The fact that a tab character doesn't necessarily equal a constant
spaces is what makes things EVEN MORE CONFUSING.  Cheez... some
people just love complexity for its own sake...

What earthly benefit is there anyway to mixing tabs and spaces??!?

Now... if you say you SHOULDN'T mix tabs and spaces (indeed this is
generally regarded as a BAD idea esp. in Python code), then WHAT THE
HECK do you need to use tab characters in the source code for anyway
(besides saving a measly few bytes) ??!?

Tab characters are EVIL *AND* STUPID.

> Sorry to hear that. You should try using an editor that's easier for
> you.

I am *most certainly* NOT giving SciTE up... I've spent years and years
looking for the perfect editor, and I've found it with SciTE.  Scite and
all its cool features are NOT the problem.  One single thing is:

  Tab characters in source code popping up like so many unsightly zits.

It's called DOM+XHR and it's *NOT* a detergent!

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