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Erik Max Francis max at
Wed May 24 10:39:34 CEST 2006

Xah Lee wrote:

> I'm sorry to trouble everyone. But as you might know, due to my
> controversial writings and style, recently John Bokma lobbied people to
> complaint to my web hosting provider. After exchanging a few emails, my
> web hosting provider sent me a 30-day account cancellation notice last
> Friday.

It's not simply harassment if your ISP considers it a TOS violation. 
You did something, it was reported to your ISP, your ISP considered it a 
violation of their TOS, were warned, failed to comply and continued 
doing it, and now are suffering the consequences.  Should this really be 
any surprise to you?

This has nothing to do with whether you feel that the complaint or the 
judgement against you was "right" -- this has happened before; this is 
familiar territory for you.  If you do something, your ISP tells you not 
to do it anymore, and then you continue doing it, why should you be 
surprised at the inevitable outcome?  (I'm impressed they're giving you 
a 30-day notice, quite frankly ... I'm sure you'll "take advantage" of it.)

> I'm not sure I will be able to keep using their service, but I do hope
> so. I do not like to post off-topic messages, but this is newsgroup
> incidence is getting out of hand, and I wish people to know about it.

Apart from the obvious fact of you being a general tool, why would you 
_want_ to consider continuing to use their service if you felt that they 
were cutting you off unfairly?

The alternative is that you're not surprised by this action and are 
simply trying to spin things in your favor.

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