Process forking on Windows

Tim N. van der Leeuw tim.leeuwvander at
Thu May 18 12:19:30 CEST 2006

Andrew Robert wrote:
> bruno at modulix wrote:
> >
> > <just-asking>
> > Is this really the solution ?
> > </just-asking>
> >
> Unfortunately there is a real need for this.
> The MQSeries trigger monitor is single threaded.
> Because of this, my program would absorb it until it completes.
> The way to get around this would be to fork off and terminate the parent.
> Unfortunately, Windows appears to be somewhat stubborn about it.
> Creating a subprocess does not alleviate the need to get the originating
> process out of the trigger monitor.

I have my doubts that this will solve the problem.

You have a process that communicates with another, single-threaded,
piece of software. If you fork of a sub-process, then you have another
process communicating (and hogging up) this single-threaded piece of

Well, if your original program is long-running, your sub-process is
short-running, and you cannot 'disconnect' from the MQ Monitor other
than by terminating a process, yes then I can see how using a
subprocess could solve your problem... But I don't know why the
SubProcess module doesn't do what you want.



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